Institute of Structural Mechanics
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ISM staff has resources necessary for the practical application of recent trends promoted by the developed countries, the so-called sustainable building, life-cycle cost optimatization of structures (see, e.g, activities and EU Directives, ISO, etc.), risk analysis and design with respect to utility properties. This is done by using advanced numerical programs (also own computational tools are developed and applied) in linking with the carrying out of standard and non-standard experiments. It covers large spectrum of research area: advanced modeling of complex structures using modern and complex program systems, including reliability assessment of structures, their service life, including, e.g., fracture mechanics of quasi-brittle materials, modeling and simulation of nonlinear dynamic systems.

ISM is currently cooperating with companies SCIA and Dlubal in development of FEM software systems Scia Engineer and RFEM (covering more than 30 percent of the EU market in the area of calculations of building structures) for design, calculations and code-checking of structures.

Research Topics

Nowadays, members of the Institute of Structural Mechanics are dealing with the following topics:


The Institute of Structural Mechanics cooperates with Czech and foreign universities and companies: